Evermore Ethereum NFT bridge now live!

Mike Hibbert
3 min readApr 19, 2021


As you may already know Evermore recently deployed a set of tools to mint and manage NFTs on the Arweave blockchain which in now the industry standard for NFT storage and metadata.

Further to the release of those tools we’re very excited to release a brand new feature that makes it possible to publish your Evermore NFTs onto the Ethereum network in a format that is compatible for listing on OpenSea and Rarible!

How to use the new tool

Once you’ve minted a new NFT on Evermore you will be able to access the options menu located on the right of the listing in the NFTs folder

As you can see from the picture there is now a ‘Publish to ETH’ option available and when clicked it will ask to create and sign a transaction through MetaMask, (MetaMask must be installed and linked to a valid wallet with enough ETH to cover the transaction cost),

Once you approve the publishing process an Ethereum compatible NFT will be created providing a link to your Evermore NFT and a set of Metadata that provide information about the NFT to sites like OpenSea and Rarible about the attributes of the NFT.

Things to keep in mind when publishing your NFT

There are a number of questions you may ask about publishing that we’d like to answer about the process so you feel confident that everything is as expected:

Publishing Time

Because we create Metadata for your NFT and also new transactions on the Ethereum network its possible that you will initially see your NFT on OpenSea but without the content being viewable.

This is because the Metadata is stored on the Arweave blockchain and needs time to mine. This is often no more than 30 minutes in our experience but can often be less.

Publishing Costs

As you know Evermore is a dApp that has a profit sharing community and all community members that HODL Evermore Tokens (EDST) are paid a share of the profits from usage of Evermore.

With that in mind each NFT published costs the equivalent of $5 in AR and the usual ETH transaction fees to perform the publishing process.

ONLY the cost in AR goes to the Evermore community of course as ETH is used to pay the gas to publish your NFT to OpenSea and Rarible. Selling fees are also not included as those transactions as they are between you and the selling platform your using.

Finally, when it comes to transfer ownership, (which currently isn’t automatically done when the NFT is sold on the external platforms), from your Arweave wallet to the new owner you’ll only be charged for the transaction and no more!

For more details about how the Evermore community rewards token holders read here: https://evermoredata.medium.com/so-what-is-evermore-token-c0a73b7b6d08


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